PanchaKarma means five actions which is a series of highly specialized natural cleansing and rejuvenating therapies. A cleansed body has significant impact on reversing disease and promoting more vitality in healthy individuals.

An accumulation of toxins will overtax the body's ability to release impurities, weakening the system and creating impairing mental function. PanchaKarma effectively stimulates the body's release of toxins which supports the immune system and healing.

PanchaKarma is an all-inclusive therapy and includes the following individual treatments: Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Herbal Steam, Nasya, Bastis, external/internal, and Udvartana.

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage)

Ayurvedic massage expels toxins and provides deep relaxation. Physically, it helps all systems of the body. Mentally, it helps mind to relax by removing energies that store past tensions and emotional problems in our body.
It is performed in synchronized movements. The therapy treats the whole person, body mind and spirit, while balancing the doshas or the individual's energy patterns.

The rhythmic motion releases joints and relaxes muscles for greater freedom of movement. It increases blood circulation and encourages the elimination of metabolic wastes. There is significant relief from anxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, rheumatic and arthritic problems, backaches and injuries.

Shiro Dhara

Shiro Dhara is a holistic treatment, and a very relaxing one.
In Shiro Dhara, stream of warm herbal oil is rhythmically poured over the forehead, that streams also through the scalp and hair; thereafter, the head and shoulders would be gently massaged in a pacifying manner.

Shiro Dhara is a powerful experience, which puts one at peace and often invokes tranquil feelings from within. It is also one of the most important treatments in Ayurveda, as it is used to change a person's body condition (prakriti).

Shiro Dhara is one of the treatments that can be used to relieve insomnia, depression, cervical spondylosis, (excess of) bodily heat, headaches and migraine, and sinusitis; it has also been said to improve memory.


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