Ayurvedic/Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Ayurveda, the science of life, offers different ways how you can get your body in balance but the main method how you can balance the humours, the doshas, is with Ayurvedic food.
To make good dietary choices that support your health I will offer you the practical knowledge and understanding how to make good choices.

Shiva Ayurvedic CenterPractical skills : cutting and cooking techniques, knowing the ingredients, using left overs, timing yourself in the kitchen...
Preparation of grains, beans, a wide variety of vegetables, sea vegetables, soups, vegan and sugar free desserts.
How to put together meals that are both delicious and balanced.
Converting recipes from traditional to natural and vegan ingredients.
How to improve your own health, strenghten your intuition and make delicous, nourishing and satisfying food for body mind and spirit.

Shiva Ayurvedic CenterMy passion is to create healthy balanced meals using the wide variety of tastes and flavours of the many culinary traditions from around the world.

Join this class and learn in daily Ayurvedic cooking how to prepare delicious and balancing dishes.

On request for small groups
Individual : 108 euros for 2 hours, complete meal included.


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