Macrobiotic - Counselling

Yoga, macrobiotic and ayurveda as a path to your own thruth.

I want to help people discover the truth in themself.
I want to help people to become whole , to make connection with their masculine and feminine side so that they feel whole, create a feeling of freedom so they can go back to the very source from where they come and have a happy and meanfull life.

Macrobiotic - Individual coaching

Is an intensive follow up of who you really are, what is your passion and what is your goal, what fullfills your life, what is really important for you, what give you the power to go on?

Setbacks and lesser moments are part of life but how you are dealing with it will change your life and you will feel stronger and have more confidence.

1st consult: 75 euro (1,25 hour) Per extra 15 minutes + 15 euro
from the 2nd consult onwards: 65 euro (1 hour) Per extra 15 minutes + 15 euro


by ADW Solutions