Ayurvedic / Macrobiotic cooking retreat

If you have a passion for cooking and would like to learn more and ground your understanding and increase both yr theoretical knowledge and culinary skills for the preparation of delicious food that is nourishing and healthy then this could be a workshop for you!

If you are someone who loves cooking and would like to feel more confident and comfortable cooking for yourself, family and friends: this course will be suitable for you.

When you leave , you will have the practical knowledge of preparing several delicious Ayurvedic/macrobiotic recipes and will come back home with the knowledge and experience to cook your own wholesome Ayurvedic meal. The retreat is not about having recipes on paper that you could cook at home. It is about giving you confidence in Ayurvedic cooking, so that you know by feeling and heart, how much of which spice or vegetable to put. You will know the combinations, you will know what fits together and what doesn’t and so you will also be able to cook your own creations.

Join this Ayurveda Retreat and learn, in daily Ayurvedic cooking classes, how to prepare delicious and balancing dishes.

This retreat can be followed in Belgium or Switzerland, very small groups so that everyone can enjoy really.

Please contact us for more detailed information and prices.



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