Fasting retreat

Fasting is a completely natural healing therapy that has been used for thousands of years to aid, treat, and even cure many common maladies. It creates the same healing effects today.

And while modern medicine so often attempts to alleviate outer symptoms of a health condition, fasting affects healing from the inside out, getting to the actual source of the condition, helping to burn inferior cells and build new healthier cells and tissues.

Our bodies are capable of instigating their own perfect healing if we allow them the opportunity. Fasting is such an opportunity.

What can fasting do for you?

A selection of activities for mind and body are held throughout the week. Meditation, yoga, water Exercise, vegan food preparation, spiritual nutrition, dharma Talk and personal nutritional and psycho/spiritual counselling... are provided in a family atmosphere of peace and loving support. Fasters leave feeling rejuvenated, vibrant and dedicated to live a healthy life.

We offer a 7 days and 10 days fasting program in Belgium and Switzerland.

Daily you got fresh pressed juices, healing teas, water... light food for those who are not comfortable with only juices.

Small groups in luxury environment max. 6 participants.

by ADW Solutions